Feeling of secure? Maybe? tell me, did you feel the same?

So~ as soon as you guys in my blog, I wish you guys can hear the new song that I’ve placed. It’s called Green Eyes, written, and was sang by Akeboshi.. a Japanese singer. Before I shall proceed, I shall remind you guys that I wasn’t promoting him or anything. This is just literally an entry speaking of my feeling. Strange feeling that I get through the whole arrangement of the song and the lyrics. Although I believe they don’t really related to me, I mean, I don’t have anyone close to me have green eyes.. yet, I hope you are listening to the song by now, or if your internet is sort of down, please refresh the page so that the player can play the song..
So, what do you feel as you listen to the song? To me.. it’s kinda serene. I feel so comfortable. It makes me feel like I wanna get things done very slowly, as if time is paused only for me. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you fell in love and yes, the person you fell in love with is feeling the same for you. The sense of belonging. The feeling that he was yours and you are his. It’s the feeling which you feel when you look into his eyes, and then he look back at you and smile, and you know that you have nothing to worry anymore. It’s the feeling when he touches your face and you feel so serene, so peaceful and so happy that you don’t even want the time to pass by. The feeling that you are so secure, that even if everything else is failing you, it’s okay. It doesn’t even matter. Because by now, you have him. You have him who is yours. You know, he’ll will always be with you. He won’t leave you. The feeling that you have when you shared your laughter with him, only him, the moment where its only you and him.
It’s like  you’re running in the middle of big flower farms with fresh smells and radiance sunlight in the summer. A whole feeling in your heart, in summarize, a good feeling in you as you continue to listen to this song. Let me know what you feel, comment below okay? J
p/s : I still got more examples of good feeling but, I need you guys to feel it by yourself.. let me know okay? Comment n like below.. J J J
Adiosa and Assalamualaikum.. J

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