difference between man and woman? No no no..

So, last night I had a small conversation with a friend of mine on fb, through chat of course.. basically the point of the little chat is to remind him of my birthday and that friend of mine asked me to crossed my fingers, hoping earnestly that he won’t at least forget to wish my upcoming birthday, as I told him before that I had to remind him as he had once forgotten our friend’s birthday. And I had told him that *sort of telling him* if I can remember his birthday clear and sound, how come he forget mine and he answers that it is the difference between man and woman. A man keep on forgetting things that they should remember and get scolded for it, *sort of like that* and yeah, I want to nag him more on how I disagree with that, but as he told me that he had to go to bed, as the *katil sedang memanggil manggil* I can’t help but to yeah, let it go for then.. but I do told him that I’ll be writing this in my blog and told him to surely read this..

*bet he is smiling to himself as he read this, or maybe not ,IDK it’s hard to predict what he does when he’s alone , you are a weird man you know, haha J*

Anyway, so yeah, I’ll write about this. *directing to him* So, you, I am disagreeing with you. I think you are wrong. Yeah, it is the difference between man and woman but not because man forgot and woman can clearly memorize things. NO. Woman can be forgetful too you know.

It’s just a matter of fact that you care or not. That’s it. CARE, big word huh? Ehehe..

Literally, that line of word already summarize everything up. Explanation?
Well, if you care, you would at least give an effort to remember things. *for things that needed to be remembered* Yeah, things like birthdays, anniversaries, wishes or even small gifts, which may seems not so significant to some, but for some, because they care, even a piece of paper with simple handwriting saying happy birthday or I miss you or how are you would make a big difference. Why? Because they care.

Okay, let’s take this into a much clearer examples. *The simplest that I can think off now is examples from school time, back to old school days*

You have an eraser and your friend have one too. Both of you just bought a new eraser, exactly the same. Same price, same look, same durability. One day, you unintentionally left your eraser back at your dormitories, and it’s too late to just go back to get an eraser earlier, though, you need to use eraser during class now. And you ask your friend *to lend you* his newly bought eraser, that look just like yours. If the eraser was yours, I bet you would only used one end, and use it very carefully, not to tore too much of the eraser, as you tried to keep it looking as brand new as long as possible, right? But as the eraser is not yours, you just choose to use new end as it gives you a cleaner erased look on your paper, even when you can see that your friend only use one end of his eraser, with the same purpose as you, to keep his eraser looking brand new as long as possible. Now, can you see the difference? It’s not because you and your friends is difference, you both have the same purpose but as he cares for his eraser and you don’t, things happen. *Don’t tell me you didn’t do this during school years, everyone do this, really, don’t lie :3 *

Anyway, I’m not telling you that my birthday is so important, I am nobody. *touchink*
Mere Malaysian citizen, searching for my path on this world, still searching *sadly*
Nothing even special on birthday rather than just a person getting older, and more responsibilities lies on their shoulders to bear. But then, at least, a sincere wishes from families and friends, especially from close family and friends whom I cherished so much, in my life, who happen to be at least know my birthday and sort if they really care about me, would lift up any good feelings and leads to a better day hopefully.
I’m not nagging you, no.. hehe.. I’ll let your mom do that job; it’s not even in my will. But as I saying this, writing this earnestly, hoping you to realise that most of the time in this real world, it’s not all the big things that make a difference. It doesn’t even matter if you have big cars or enormous houses, apartment or stacks of cashes in your account, because it’s the smallest tiniest details that matters. Things like birthday, things that you say everyday to each other, laughter, smiles, cries, angers,

* I think I keep on expressing that it is feeling that matter, though it’s not really what I meant, I mean, it’s what I meant but not generally all about feeling you know?*

Other things like gifts; small gifts like a piece of cards, or even just a 5 minutes call asking how you do and stuff, surprise visit, keeping your promises, lunch treats and stuff, you know. It’s the things that man keeps on forgetting to comprehend. And that’s what makes woman upset. *literally speaking*
Though, women are not perfect. We made mistakes too. We think too much sometimes, hoping for too much and get hurts when it was unnecessary to get hurt a lot. Though, at least, I believe that I am reasonable enough to let me able to continue this far.. hehe.. right? * bet you don’t understand, hahaha* *biarkan, wuahahaha*

p/s : dedicated to you… hahaha.. know what I mean? I know, I am so funny, wuhahahaha.. *perasan tanpa sebab*

p/s II : listening to the Green Eyes song to get motivation.. Surprisingly very helpful.. J

p/s III : it’s 7th November, tomorrow is my birthday! Yeay!! J Happy birthday Malia, God Bless you.. Don’t cry, Allah with us.. J J J

Adiosa and Assalamualaikum!!  J

Mood : bajet speaking LONDON sebab dengar lagu lyric omputes lah kan~~~ werkkk.. :p ahaks~ peace yaw! J

Mood II : seronok pesan suruh jangan chat ngan prempuan lain, terus tido! Haha.. feel like a boss.. ngeeeeeee :D *tataw lah dia buat ke tak,*

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