Do you believe in ghosts? Or spirits things and stuffs? Well, ghosts certainly have a nice ring to giving people fears and stuffs *start to think that I am going to use lots of stuff word*
Assalamualaikum and may peace be upon you.
Now as I say, do you believe in ghost?? Like ghosts?? Ugly creatures that have the ability to fly and penetrate through concrete walls? Appear and gone as they will, some would harm and some did nothing? *seriously*
Anyone? Please comment on what is you believes later on okay?
Okay, as for me *to be really honest* I never believe in ghosts. Yup, strong word. May none bothering me later. I mean, yeah. I really never believe no ghosts is exists in this world. None! But, ahaaa…. Now you see the game being played.. heh heh heh.. anyway.. but, I do believe there is spirits. Mind me to tell you, by that I mean, ghosts and spirits are two different entities. Yeah.. Let me explain my point okay mushie3~~ :3 *acting cute for no reason*
I am a muslim. Okay, no need to tell in detail about that. By that means, its in my religion that teaches me we do not live this world only by ourselves. God had created other creatures beside us human to devour Allah and being Allah caliphs, and those creatures are meant not to be seen by our naked eyes. Because as if it is Allah’s will, we can’t see them. *suddenly felt like a prof, very serious matter*
Yeah, because it is told that if they were to be seen by us, we would never be able to walk freely as they are crazily outnumbers us! *imagine that*
Though, some had been given special gifts from God, to at least be able to seen most of them. I may not say I am the person. But my family sort of.. most of them have the gift. and seeing things and feeling this mystical phenomenon happening right in front of you, so yeah. You sure believe there are other things aside us. And mostly that acquaintance us  the most is jin. Because they are much more or less like us. So the spirit thing is actually them.
And people always says that there’s no use in fearing English horror movies.They look lots real, but they just a piece of craps. Like noo!!!!!
Okay.. let me tell ya why.. *sorry it’s got long.. *wink*
For us muslims, at least when this kind of matters appears, we dealt with our Holy Quran, we dealt with it with the strong believe that it doesn’t matter what religion ‘they’might be in the other world they still fear the same God. But as for mat salleh tu kan.. * start rojak ing the language* they dealt with superstitious, and fears of the unknown, which made the creatures much stronger. It’s a dangerous business lol.. stay out of it, yeah.. really..

That’s it.. maybe? ~__~ *muka tak bersalah*

p/s : serius aku tak paham kenapa banyak giler cerita hantu kat tv time raya.. *untuk tahun ni* apa? melambangkan kebebasan syaitan2 yang kena kurung ke sepanjang puasa?? #seriously stupid lah.. -____-

Suke tak?? KaLau suKe Like dan KomenLah yer? ^_^

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MarliaMarble berkata...

mak aih,cakap slang british ke dear? hehe..tau xpe,raya aritu mmg musim cerita hantu kot..btw,nak respon klu dpt C x kena repeat lagi...=D

mAy Lee berkata...

@MarliaMarble skang americano.. hohoho.. auwnn.. xkena?? kalau nak repeat boleh ke?? huhuu.. Y_Y *mengada kan*