Hyep.. Assalamualaikum and may peace be upon you.. So, today, I would love to urge on one thing that bugs me a bit ever since I tried to make a conversation with people with hats related topics..
Well, when I said hats, yes, people would definitely know what they are. But why don’t people recognize fedora as hat? I mean, no they are not hat but they are in the hat family. Sooooo yeah.. just like when people say,
Hey, what kind of hat do you want?
I want topi siti meh..
I mean, you see? People knows topi Siti because its the kind of hat that Dato’ Siti used to wear, but why not fedora??? Gosh!!! *stressed out for no reason*
okay.. here i've got few examples.. of fedora.. please get your eyes wide open, girls especially.. 

my dear ladies friends! this is fedora... it's not hat, or topi or cap.. please..

see what's usher is wearing?? it's fedora man.. 
and johnny deep, of course.. dunno who's in the right picture.. sorry

even jt love fedora too.. 
so my point is.. you should mind your vocab as much as you mind your grammar.. i mean.. i'm not saying my grammar is perfect, neither do my vocab is flawless..
but hey, at least i make an effort. Fedora is a Fedora..
and please bear in your mind, don't ever call a Fedora a hat or topi..
i found it's insulting.. at least don't say that to my face.. thanks..


p/s : no idea
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