UiTM is easy? ROFL..

UiTM easy?
This entry is sincerely dedicated to my dearest friend whom I had known for 13 yeARS.. best known as miss C. she know its her if she read this..

I donno if this gonna help or not.. it’s just merely what I feel.. First of all.. anyone offended or disagree, well guess what? I don’t care. Go **** yourself with your thoughts.. it’s my blog n it’s my thoughts.. dislike this? Fine.. Don’t read more..

Anyway around.. *be more polite* I’m sorry if anyone get offended.. it’s just my personal opinion..

Now.. this friend of mine, she said.. *sort of like* we UiTMers are lucky because it happen to be our university had set up that the carried mark for each subject is 60% instead of 30% like hers, that we are lucky for the fact the carried marks is so high that we can relax on our final exam.. okay.. I being constantly disagree with her.. as one of UiTMers... *I donno if UiTMers is sort of right word or not, but yeah.. cleaver people would understand right?*
Anyway.. why am I disagree? First of all, it’s bullshit.. You know why they had 60% of carried mark? Well, that literally because they *lecturers* conducted tests and quizzes almost every week.. and lets take for this semester subjects. There are six of them.. four of them are core subjects and two are electives *forcibly electives* and thus. Yeah, just imagine. When these lecturers finished up certain topics of their subject, they then would set a date to conduct this bloody tests or quizzes, and most of them literally finished up these topics in a short period of difference and thus.. let’s just say.. sometimes it can be up to 4 tests and quizzes in the same week? And in case we all lose count of days in week, *because of our busy and hectic student’s lifestyle, a week is only 7days.. 5 days if you deducted Saturday and Sunday* soo.. yeah.. it’s bloody businesses there.
The second reason I disagree is that that bloody tests and quizzes are not bloody easy to score. Well, we ; me and my friend there argue about the lecturers never gives us any hint what would came up in those tests and quizzes, she said it is how universities work and my other friends seems to agree with her. Well, yes. I know. It is the way universities work, and its our jobs as a student *or more profound to be said as mahasiswa and mahasiswi* *lol* to do our jobs and revise things. But hey, we’re human. No, I am human. I donno about my DEAN LISTS classmates but I am human. So let’s say you have two tests today and another test is right after the day, *tomorrow* three tests in two days.. and the only hint that the lecturers give you is what chapter will make it into the tests. I’m not in the Goddess level to learn everything in such short notice. Especially when I am not the kind of person who can learn it days long before the tests came upon.  
Okay, it might be fine if each tests *which refers to every subjects* only take one chapter into account, but then, A subjects is gonna 5 chapters all at once, B subject is gonna be 4 chapters and C subject is gonna be 6 chapters. Yeay!! Why don’t we add up another chapter sir?? 4 is literally not enough.. right?? Blaaaaaahhhhhhhh..
Then, why disagree. Girl, what do you mean with relax? What kind of shit are you talking about here girl??? Relax during final exams?? Now, I think you have something off from your math class. When your carried mark is 60%, its mean your final is 40%. Let’s just say, the question paper induce 80 marks, that’s mean you have to get all right just to get 40%. And let’s just say you have not so generous lecturers, which whom usually the one who gives you lectures on killer papers; they know you throughout the semester and sees you a bit slack in their class, and thus, purposely messed up with your labs mark.. *or maybe you just suck at practical* *or maybe you can be just like me, suck at having tests and quizzes* and out of that 60% you manage to get only thirty something, you need to get all answers correct on your final paper to just get an A-
What do you really mean with relax? I really don’t understand your judgement. You are hustling and struggling throughout the whole semester, working very hard for each tests and quizzes and labs and extra classes and studying, and 24hours almost seems like not enough to you.  Throughout the whole semester, you live your life like shit and just for that 60% carried mark, and at the end of it you still had to work your ass off just to get another 40% marks, in order to get a better CGPA, what do you mean with relax? You must be in heaven girl learning stuff you learn... cause I’m sort of dying everyday there.
I didn’t give a shit of what people thinks and I never get into people skirts and sniff their ugly side. But some always took me on my bad pages. And some, just ignorantly annoyed me, I put up with everything cause I think it’s the only way I can get through it and yet, I still get shitty result, what does it really you meant with relax? I really don’t understand.

P/s : UiTM is not an easy university. Yes, this university might gives its goals more for Bumiputra student, but it doesn’t mean its easy.

p/s II : sorry if you are offended. And I don’t really care actually.

p/s III : I know, sometimes it’s not people around me. It’s just me. My sarcasm level and my personality, which I find it hard to trust others. Though, I’m just a lonely person.. in a world that I find no fit to me.

p/s IV : plus with the problems with my housemates.. gaahhh.. it’s still aches in my heart till now.. yeah.. it’s true what they say.. forgive, maybe, forget? Never..

p/s v : and it’s really annoyed me, this one particular person.. I found how fake that person is. How could someone be that fake? For real?'


*Take note that this entry is in English, because I think insults and curses sound more polite? LOL.. Forgive me.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone, peace yaw.. *

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Aiman Ayie berkata...

hahaha ye ye ye, cursing and insults in english memang nampak lebih polite, sikit lah.

so hai big lady, haha, what so upset here about huh ? nah, bi aku terabur.

about that 30% and 60 cm, *after I read through out all of your lines and words* ,for the next time if she says again that uitm is easy for setting up that cm for so high, tell her "padan muka, sapa suruh tak masuk uitm, hidup aku senang, hidup hang susah. ha ha ha"

screw her, do your job. I know what life you had there, am 'uitmers' too.

ps : exaggerating on silly things can lead to health problem, - stress. be happy, and study. hahaha

mAy Lee berkata...

@Aiman Ayie big lady??? hope its doesn't refer to body size.. hew3..
it's nothing actually.. just feeling a lil bit upset... more to myself actually.. though.. UiTM is harsh ey? it's freaking hard.. Good luck to you too UiTMers.. let's do our best! next sem four flat!!! #konon ok bye.. :3

Angelika Fadhilla berkata...

kat mana mana belajar punn ada susah ada senang, biar kan jer orang orang yang suka mengata tuuu :)