Alexenia 1

As fragile as she always thought of herself, she always dreams of being someone else. Living a better life. Good life. Maybe a life where she doesn’t have to worry of money. Or maybe of life where she doesn’t have to worry of her future. A life that she know for certain what she’s going to be. She wish she was the only child of some rich couple. Having crazy smart brain that doesn’t need her to cramp all night for one paper of exams and do very well as she sleep so well the night before. Or in short of above all. She wish she was lucky. Or maybe very lucky. She dreams of a happy life. Life with no intensity, no fightinhg as she always must everyday as soon as she woke up every early morning. She wish for she has a pretty face that shall bring her good husband, produce beautiful babies. And above all, she know that she can only wish. With all of pimples and acnes scaring on both of her cheeks, even her cute dimples fades behind. She stared at the mirror, smile broad to see the reflection of her dimples. No one ever praise them. Not even her parent acknowledge of the existence of the beauty mark. Nor her small  cute little eyes. Or her perfectly engineered fingernails. She’s lucky but not lucky. She’s smart, she knows it. But she’s so lazy. She can do better, but she refuse to do the best. She had all the chances, and she lost most of them. She just one lucky unlucky girl. Fate had twisted her world above all. Life never been fair. But she never wish to give up. She wants to live. She wants to show all that she can do it. The more failure that encounters made her more determine. She believe that among all of her known people, she gains the most hardships. She gains the most from all the mistakes. She deserves better, and she’ll prove to everyone that she does deserve best. Maybe not now. Soon, everyone can see how hardwork make her who she was.
And then someone knocks her door, in annoyance rhythms.
“What now Alex?” she shouted loud, knowing its her brother already. The door quickly squirk up, viewing Alex in his pijamas.
“What??” she asks again in annoyance. She really hate it when she is writting her inspiring poem and someone interupts.
“I can’t sleep and mom still not home,” Alex mumbles, gazing his puppy eyes now.
“Well, you have a dad in case you don’t notice,” she answers him right, waving her hand to the door again.
“Dad’s with mom,” Alex answered in amusement. He nailed her, he gonna make it her worst night again.
Xenia is thinking. Looking Alex from heads to toe. He does look innocent. But his innocentness is always doubtable.
“Promise you are just here until they’re back?” she asked some pretty obvious question.
“Sworn with my life!” Alex raised his right hand, as if he was reading some vow of truth, and she didn’t buy it.
“Fine, get in the bed and silence,” still she let it slips past her guards.
“Thank you sissy,” he said instance to anoys her more, but the insult has grown empty in her. So she just let him be. Snucked her ears with the aerphone and plays her favourite songs, flew into her world again.

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