i write when i am inspired..

hey all.. Assalamualaikum!
Hope everyone is doing fine.. So.. yes.. i know.. this blog somehow what change to some Malay blogger then suddenly very proud English thingy.. yeah.. though.. my point is.. i am kinda in the mood of feeling very comfortable to write in English.. Proficiently.. even when i am not so good in english (which above all everyone in the world should notice through my writing, gramatical error, typing error, error this error that.. error bla bla bla bla)
Who cares.. yeah.. whatever.. the point is.. i wrote what i am inspired to.. and i don’t wish for any compasion.. or dedicated followers. Follow me if you feel like following. Don’t if you feel like not.. Though i dislike people who has plenty of time to follow some random people then unfollow them in short brief of moment (even when i used to do that) (more of reasons for me to dislike it)
I found its rude to do so.. whatever,,
Anyway.. i wrote when i am inspired.. i don’t wish for anything else when i wrote.. simply hopes that.. when someone do reads my word.. they’re inspired.. they lift some of their burden away from their chest.. feeling so touch deep inside.. feeling to move on further in life and the feeling of not giving up as there is still hope around (okay, amybe i was too much) though.. if anyone can feel that.. at least one of the least things to feels there.. i’ll be very thankul..

Be inspired.. and lead your own life.. J

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