I'm sorry, i'm gonna carry on my life.. :)

Have you ever feel so inspired? Have you ever feel like everything is gonna be alright? There's nothing wrong in being just you? Nothing wrong in just being weak, nothing is wrong if you cry, nothing is wrong if the tears is out of joys, or even if the tears is out of pain. Everything just gonna be perfect, just the way they were unperfect. Every wronged moment that ever happens, every hurtful momentis nothing? And if you fall on your knees you could just stand back again and continues to walk. Always held your head high, keep smiling even when you are bleeding.
 Have you ever feel so inspired that you feel like you shines brighter than the stars, smiles brighter than the sun, or even if you were crying at the very moment, feels like you are much more beautiful than the pouring rain? And if its rain, you still could run in them, laughing as hard as you can till your tummy hurts. 
Have you ever feel that inspired that even if the birds chirping like a song to you? The winds that blow to your face is one magical forces that lifted all your burdens? And even the strong waves that can kill you actually feels like plotting a big scam with you? Or even the beautiful couple that keeps on loving each other so dearly is nothing to compared your miserable life?
Have you ever felt so inspired that even the night feels like daylight? So inspired until you finds its hard for you to fall asleep? So inspired that you think that you may die because of it? So inspired that you feel like adrenaline is rushing all over you as if you are falling from the sky? 
And even if you are falling from the sky without the parachute, it's okay.
Have you ever feel so inspired that nothing can beat your own feeling? 
So inspired that whatever may happen is fine? As long as you still live? As long as you can still smile? As long as you can laugh? As long as you can love?
Have you feel so inspired that you feel like you are invincible? as even the sharpest dagger might never find ways to hurt you?
Have you ever feel so inspired?
Have you ever feel so inspired that at the end of it, you just gonna move on..
Live your life, enjoys the show and left nothing to regrets.
I am..
And I am just gonna carry on.. :)
~gambar sekadar hiasan~

p/s : credits to FUN singing CARRY ON for some great inspiration..

p/s II :  dear readers,take some time listen and watch this.. :))) 

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