touch the soul

Hai.. Assalamualaikum semua.. Harap korang sihat.. Hari ni.. cik May Lee nak perasaan gOOd skit blh? Nk speaking2 leh? Okeh bebeh! StAY tuned!! .........

i means.. life been never easy to whoever that live on earth. yes,,we do smile.. we do laugh.. n of all above those joyful feelings.. sadness, sorrow, alone , tears do come and almost breaks us apart from our soul. i donno how many of us realized dat.. before ones own their happiness, pain must come first. U felt heartbroken, low to the ground, tired, sorrow, hateful.. Negative thoughts came to you as they were invited. and at the moment dat you felt you are so alone and empty, at the moment you know dat you almost reach your limits, reaching the line of givin up.. there come the lights.. lights that touch your soul to get back on your feet ; the light that wake you up again from the darkness.. the light that finally pull you forward.. the light that push you towards a brighter future. the light that guides you till you finally found the joys again.. the light that never fails to lead you; or at least, the one dat walk with you. owez b by ur side..
the light here is.. the person whom love you.. the one that always want to see you better, the one that love you with no conditions. da one dat are willing to do anything for you. for your sake.. 
the word love here is universal,, it dont have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend (special), it dont only stand for your husband or spouse, and dont only stand for someone who has opposite gender from you.
it could be anyone.. ur mom, ur dad, ur brother, ur sister, ur family, ur friends, anyone. As long as they know n loved you well.. (as far as i think)
everyone that loved you, every single person that cherished you the most when you need it, every single person that is willing to do anything for you, for your happiness, every one dat you have owned their heart.. is the light in your life.. the one that will help you along your life..
the one that shall never leave you behind.. alone..
so remember.. you are never alone in your life. you have lots of people with you.. people whom you love,, people who do understand you. Whenever others told you that you cant, just believe that you can. Show them your will, prove them your strength, dont give up! Touch their soul with your soul.. 
as how i am touch now juz by a song.. just as how i am inspired by juz one simple song.. be touched.. be inspired throughout ur life.. what others think doesnt matter.. as long as u have da light dat can push u forward.. what others think is rubbish as long as u believe in urself.. 

U R WHO U R.. Dont let others change you.. be inspired by your own life journey. 
never give up.. till the end of your life.. never give up before you turned to stone..

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