So, I’m Malia, turning 22 by this November. Lord, I’m ancient! *okay over*

So, this Malia here, she’s just regular girl. If you spot her around UiTM Perlis, here in Arau, you rarely saw her with someone. Not in term special, just friends. Someone that she knows. Friends in other word. She’s crazy. She had everything in her mind. From decent to the worst. She’s fine, she always thought that to herself. Not best but just fine, decent person to be made as friends. She’s not stingy at all to be truth. She just, hate it when she felt she’s being used. But most of all, she knows she is lonely. The loneliness, self dependent that she had thought herself from the very beginning she came here, made her felt lonely.

Yes, you can see her most of the time, jumping around from group to group of people, blending in with disguise. She seems to be closed but no she’s not. She never belongs to any of them. She is just an outsider.

People don’t know her and people judge her. They think that she don’t know but she knows it better than everyone. She knows from the way they look at her. They know it from how they talk to her. She knows from the way they response to her lame jokes and her effort to make conversation. She’s desperate for attention but she hates attention.

She just wants someone who’ll sincerely be friend with her. She just wants someone who wouldn't take advantages from her.
They don’t know that each day, she tested them. She tests their loyalty, their truth, their lies, and their true self. It’s not that she don’t trust them. But she’s been betrayed too much. She just afraid to just trust again. Loyalty is important to her. She keeps it deep inside of her the thing that’s called betrayal.
So she never has close friends, one that she can depend on. In fact, she never let herself have one. And she knows she’s in misery. That’s why, every moment she’s here, she hated it. She never felt happy about it. She’s just hanging on, hoping for everything to just end fast.

She is just a weirdo.
N she is me.. 

~The end~

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