Warning. Lots of foul language

[This was written on 9th June 2014 at the exact time of the posting]

Isn't it a one shitty day when you have a group work, well relatively speaking more than three to make it a problem in the first place. And yeah you assign jobs, delegate to be exact. You do this, you do that, I do this this, bla bla bla..  all sounds fun and cosy yeah? Until one person start to shitting on you, and take advantages. For the first reason and for most, we all did the work that we were assigned. Then, oh, I’m the leader; I wanna see everybody’s work before we proceed. I don’t want any mistakes! Yeah well, you’re the boss. You got it. So we hustle our ass off working to make everything done. Then, oh you’re the creative one. You’re gonna be in charge with decorating. Oh well, yeah. I think I am the best in our team for that so yeah. I wouldn't mind. I love it. Then, come the one who shit on you in the beginning. The due date is closing fast and where is his part of the work? Oh no, still not there. And hell no. I can’t finish my job decorating without a piece of him. Then, you warned me too not over do it, or else it looks hideous. Yeah babe yeah, that really made my day. When I ask you to take at look at it, oh no, I’m too sick to sit for 20 seconds and watch the slides. And my bloody assistant, no. I can’t stay, our leader is sick, she might fall out when we’re on our way home and from almost eight to ten people walking together which all are our classmates, none will pick her up unless I was there. And then today you say, I wanna check it up tonight at this and this time.

You know what *****, I ain’t gonna show you any shit! Hah! So now you’re free huh? Free enough to critics my work? You know what? Let’s just wait for tomorrow ey? See how things going on. How’s that sound? Fair?

******* would always act like *******.

I think you mess with the wrong girl @$$#***!

ain't your stupid ************ ***** ***** who did everything you did. Ah hell no. that title you hold, guess what? I spit on them. Go to hell.

p/s : sarcasm and foul language is a sign of healthy brain.. embraced it yaw.. 

*Did Google just screened all my cursing? O.o*

Peace yaw. Adios. :(

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