i know what i want.. finally

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.. p/s : malam ni saya nak update entry dengan berspeaking London okay.. halal.. hehehe
Ehem3.. so as mention is the title.. sort of title..  today I went on a little trip to Penang, mainly as I went there to represent our university, Universiti Teknologi MARA to this convention called, Karnival Kerjaya.. which I sort of quit a lose for us as a second year student. Why? Well, as far by the name, it is a convention in search for new recruits.. and in order to be recruited, you need to graduated first.. and all of us are undergraduate. So it’s a lose. As we approach each booth and as we mention that we’re only a 2nd year student, they began to explain things lazily to us. Anyway around, at least they did explain things right. Then we went to Suntech building, for which at first we thought was a complete waste of time. We were the last batch of the group, and then I am very glad to be there. Sort of a new light is shone into my life. I feel like a new hope is breath into me. Yeah, the program in the suntech building was for those whose interested in further study overseas, and they offer free group consultation with the representatives from involved universities.
We were told of how things work out there, how to apply, scholarship and stuff, yeah.. basic things and yet full of information. Give you sort of an idea to plan your future. I even get cheered by Ester, one of the girls there who apparently very supportive of me taking masters in psychology. Wow.. Thinking of it already chills me off.
Anyway, that’s not really my point. What I’m trying to blog is.. being there.. able to be there.. Participate.. and sees things with my eyes.. I think I see which path I am choosing. I can see who am I 10 years from now and I can see exactly what I wanted. I don’t know if the motivation would last long enough for me to survive the whole semester and improved my grades, but I pray to God a lot that He would listen to me. Hear my heart and grand me this one wish. After all this struggling, I really think I know what I want now. And to get what I want, I must achieve few things first.

If you really want something, you don’t asked for it.. You demand it.

Yet, I am just a mortal which have no power to demand things from my God the Al-mighty. But I know He always listens. And he knew what I think of it now. He knows what’s best for me yet He knows how much I wanted this. I have made up my mind; and I hope it would be His turn to change His, and let luck accordance my will. Insyaallah.

P/s : terima kasih tak terhingga kepada Wan Nur Aisha binti Mahd Rashid and    Wan Mohamad Nadzri bin Wan Hasan..sebab sudi meluangkan sedikit masa untuk bertemu dengan saya. Yie sampai tak perasan dah terpakai selipar toilet sebab takut tak sempat nak jumpa. Cha plak jalan kaki tetengah panas semata2 nak dating jumpa.. dah tu siap belanja ice cream mahal lagi.. * faaaaaaaaaaaa* ahaks~ thanks anyway.. really appreciate effort you guys.. that’s lift up my mood for the whole week before Aidiladha break.. J
p/s II : I know, simple entry.. not much details.. hehehe.. nanti I rajin I update lg yer.. cerita detail untuk hari ni.. but now.. I’m extra sleepy.. got to wake up early tomorrow to finished lab report.. *faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* hahaha. Okay?

Adios J J J

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